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Houses of four Christian families Dispossessed from their houses and their households looted by Powerful Muslim culprits in Sargodha.
dispute arose when  a Muslim Girl Munaza Converted to Christianity from Islam  and married a Christian  boy Ansar masih .
Report By: Anees pervaiz khan(Information Secratery HLCP)  ,

A Muslim Girl Muneeza D/O Muhammad Amman Ullah married a Christian boy Ansar Masih s/o Nazir Masih after they eloped from their village Chack No.38, Southern Sargodha at September 10,2012 by signing marriage certificate in District Count Lahore willing fully. Parents and relatives of Muneeza beaten poor parents of Ansar Masih and relatives demanding them to return their daughter.

Muneeza , her husband Ansar Masih with their little son, sargodha 38 chack case of HLCP


On September 14,2012 relative of Muneeza, Rana Ishfaq called Nazir Masih,his brother Rehamat Masih and his nephew Shaukat Masiha and Shahzad Masih on his residence in the same village Chack 38 southern Sargodha for the resolution of this dispute and said them to bring blank stamp paper for an treaty among two parties. So when Nazir Masih and Rehmat Masih requested two respected men of Christian community in their village name Barkat Masih and Arshad Masih reached at Rana Ishfaq’s residence where Rana Ishfaq, Rana Sammi Ullah,Rana Javed,Rana Atta Ullah, Rana Rizwan and others were waiting for them carrying heavy  weapons. Rana Javed forcefully took the blank stamp papers from Nazir Masih and his fellows and other armed men at Rana Ishfaq’s residence threaten them and aggressively took  signature and thumb impression of Nazir Masih, Rehmat Masih,Barkat Masih and ex-general counselor Arshad Masih on a plain stamp paper . When these Christian men were leaving Rana Ishfaq’s residence,  armed men hinder them and said , you cannot go till  you return our girl Muneeza. After many hours’ plea and request of these poor Christians they were allowed to depart from there but on the same evening Rana Ishafaq and others attacked these four Christian houses and cast out Nazir Masih,Rehmat Masih,Shaukat Masih and Shahzad Masih along with their women and children from village forcefully.
Indrias Masih  a representative of Human Liberation Commission Pakistan Sargodha reported this incident through telephone to Chairman HLCP Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra and told the whole happening next day morning. On 16 September 2012 Indrias Masih brought Nazir Masih and Rehmat Masih to HLCP office 8 Davis Road Lahore where Nazir Masih explained the whole story of this incident to Chairman HLCP Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra,Director International Affairs Pastor Anwar Javed and to HLCP Legal team. Therefore HLCP legal team wrote an application against this prejudice of Muneeza’s relatives  with oppressed Christians Nazir Masih and others so application were submitted to SHO Police Station Karrana and to DPO Sargodha but nothing is acted by police on this application till date.
Muneeza who was an single girl ,married willing fully with Ansar Masih  after accepting Christianity as her religion, which is not welcomed by her Muslims parents at all but they assumed it an act of disgrace of religion Islam, as a result they registered a false case of kidnapping against Ansar Masih and his family with an accusation that Muneeza was already married with his cousin Yasir Amin S/O Muhammad Amin ,so Yasir Amin registered a false case that his wife Muneeza is kidnapped by Ansar Masih his sisters Samina and Rozina and by his old father Nazir Masih. Consequently Muneeza gave her personal statement in front of Special Judicial Magistrate Lahore District Courts stating that she was single and she is not kidnapped at all but now she has converted from Islam to Christianity ,  she married willing fully with Ansar Masih as a Christian girl.

Ansar Masih and Muneeza at HLCP office with Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra. Sargodha Chack 38, Muslim gril married with christian ansar masihAnsar Masih and Muneeza at HLCP office with Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra. Sargodha Chack 38, Muslim gril married with christian ansar masih. Discrimination with christian in pakistan
HLCP General Secretary  Naseeb Anjum Chaudhry Advocate and Shaukat Pervaiz Advocate filed a write petition No.25405-12  to eradicate of Muneeza kidnapping case against Ansar Masih and family in the courts of Justice Manzoor Ahmed Mailk  at Lahore High Court.  In the meanwhile Ansar Masih and his wife Muneeza were attacked on 10-11-2012 by Rana Sammi Ullah, Rana Ishfaq, Rana Rizwan and other armed men for kidnapping them when they were sitting in their rented home at Dharmpura Lahore. In the intervening time somebody in neighbors made phone call to 15 emergency police that urgently reached at crime scene, so they arrested both parties and took them to Police Station Mustafa Abad, Lahore. SHO Mustafa Abad Police Station and SI Muhammad Hayat spared the offenders Collusively and expelled poor Ansar Masih while Police and Offender party Rana Ishfaq and others continued to exhort Muneeza to acquire divorce from her husband Ansar Masih but Muneeza replied refusing them that “I can not leave Ansar Masih because  I loves him deeply ,I am converted from Islam to Christianity  and now I am  expecting a child from Ansar Masih. I am a Christian girl and wife of a Christian man, so I reject divorce neither I am ready to go with you people.” After a while, Rana Sammi Ullah went to Ansar’s detention room and threaten him to divorce Muneeza otherwise you both and your relatives and NGO people helping you will not be spared at all. Second day police released offenders Rana Sammi Ullah and others who attempted to kidnap Ansar Masih and Muneeza , they were sent out of Police Station without any legal action or apprehension bout poor Ansar Masih remained detain and his wife Muneeza also remained in police custody who took their signatures on a blank stamp paper forcefully at their denial.
Later on HLCP official Bashir Chaudhry ,Aftab Gill including HLCP women wing leaders Ms.Rozi and Ms.Sheba went to Police Station Mustafa Abad and negotiate to Police for releasing  Ansar Masih and his wife Muneeza. When Ansar Masih and Muneeza reported HLCP officials the whole occurrence and told that about how Police took their signatures forcefully, HLCP filed application from Ansar Masih of this whole criminal act of kidnapping his family against offenders Rana Sammi Ullah and others including against Police SHO Mustafaabad Lahore  Mumtaz Kakar to SP Civil line Division Lahore but unfortunately no action was taken by SP Office, so another application was filed from Ansar Masih to Chief Capital Police Officer Lahore Mr.Shafiq in this regards. No action has been taken till date against kidnappers neither against nominated police official who did this oppression on Ansar Masih and on his wife Muneeza in this whole episode of injustice.

Sargodha 38 chack muslim girl muneeza married a christain boy ansar masih . hlcp press conference for justice for four christian families at lahore press club
On the other hand, Police Station Karana Bar Sargodha eradicate  false case against Ansar Masih and his family members at the court orders and  reported  on 13-11-2012 to Lahore High court in this regards but oppressed Christian families were not restored in their houses ,neither they were returned their household from the convicts. Another application by Nazir Masih was filed  to District and Session Judge Sargodha for the registration of criminal case against Rana Ishfaq, Rana Sammi Ullah, Rana Javed ,Rana Saleem.
Later on dated 28-04-2013 Sammi Ullah made a phone call to Nazir Masih on his cell phone number 0345-8658074 around 8 :00 p.m informing him that previously weonly lockyour houses but today we have taken out your valuable household and thing  while your brother Rehamt Masih’s  house is already in our possession from 22-04-2013. According to Nazir Masih he had 4 ½ tola gold and an amount of Rs. 27000 along with valuable papers. So, Nazir Masih filed a written complain to SHO Karana Bar Inspector Ammir Hussain Khokhar against Rana Ishfaq, Rana Sammi Ullah, Rana Rizwan ,Rana Ata Ullah and others on the same day while police has not took any action against culprits and later on he wrote an application for justice to DPO Sargodha ,no action was taken from DPO as well, so Advocate HLCP Naseeb Anjum Chaudhry and Shaukat Masih Advocate filed an application on the behalf of Nazir Masih in the session courts Sargodha which is under hearing till date in front of additional session judge justice Mr.Rana Aftab .

Ansar Masih and Muneeza at HLCP office with Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra. Sargodha Chack 38, Muslim gril married with christian ansar masih. HLCP protesting in front of Lahore Press Club
On 20-06-2013 a neighbor of Nazir Maish of village Chack 38 southern Sargodha name Arif Masih made a phone call and informed him that “I was passing through your street and I saw Rana Sami Ullah,Rana Ishfaq and others looting and taking away all households from your and from your relative’s houses” Nazir Masih reported it to Emergency Police 15 urgently, Police reached at the crime scene at once but they did not arrested any culprits neither they made any efforts to return looted households.
Nazir Masih filed application for justice to SHO Police Station Karana Bar Sargodha, DPO Sarodha, Inspector General Police Punjab and Home Secretary Punjab but no action has been taken till date. Therefore Human Liberation Commission Pakistan held a press conference for raising the voice of these four oppressed Christian families for justice in front of print and electronic media where Nazir Masih, Shaukat Masih, Shahzad Masih , Rehat Masih  and HLCP Chairman Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra,Amin Sohani,Bashir Msih Chaudhry addressed Press Conference on 15-07-2013 at Lahore Press Club and where they   demanded justice from Chief Justice Lahore High Court, Chief Minister Punjab and demanded to arrest the culprits and to return the houses and households to these four Christian families but it was not noticed by and any government official or Police force.
On July 19,2013 a protest was arranged by Human Liberation Commission Pakistan in front of Lahore Press Club for justice for these four Christian families are dispossessed forcefully  and they are deprived of their households by culprits.
A delegation of HLCP  consist of Chairman Commission Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra, Director International Affairs Pastor Anwar Javed, Senior Vice Chairman Pastor Razaq Yashwah and Bashir  Chaudhry went to Additional Home Secretary Punjab Dr.Ahmed Javed Qazi and reported the whole story of injustice with Nazir Masih and other Christian families of Chack 38 Southen Sargodha. Dr.Ahmed Javed Qazi made phone calls to DPO and DCO Sargodha for this issue and directed in written order to take necessary action for the resolution of this issue and report home department Punjab urgently in order No.HP-III/8-4/2013 dated 23 July 2013.


Dominant Landlord of Patoki, Kasur beaten Christian women and torn their clothes till they got Nude. (Human Liberation Commission Pakistan fighting for the rights of people.)

Christian women tortured and forced to march nude in Patoki Kasur by Dominant Muslim Landlord. HLCP PHOTO

A terrible situation occur in a village Sereser Patoki ,District Kasur where Christians women were tortured and beaten till their clothes were torn and they got nude in village by a renown Landlord at Chack 21,Sereser, Patoki. Three Christian women named Irshad Bibi, Suraiya Bibi and Sajida Bibi  were brutally beaten and insulted by armed  landlord and his armed men who violently entered in house by climbing boundary at about 11:00 PM on 3rd June 3013 while they were sleeping and there was no man of family was present except  73 years old Sadiq Masih and his wife Bibi Rani.

Press Conference with Christian victom family members who are insulted and beaten by Muslim dominent Muslim Landlord at Patoki Dist. kasur. PC arranged by Human Liberation Commission Pakistan. Aslam Pervaiz  Sahotra dn Pastor Anwar javed addressing at Lahore press Club. 2.
Landlords of the village Sereser Chak No.21 Patoki District Kasur Muhammad Abrahim, Muhammad Munir, Muhammad Rafique,  Muhammad Asif, Abid Ali , Ahmed Ali, Waqas Ahmed ,M.Usman, Muhammad Waseem andMuhammad Shabir and three unknown men continued beating them till their clothes were torn and they got naked in the streets while nobody from the villagers dare to stop them from this inhuman and shameful act and culprits kept on shouting that how dare you Cheap Christians to vote against our candidate. In the meanwhile some Christian called 15 emergency police and before the arrival of Police, culprits fled from the crime scene leaving Christian women naked on the street, police examine the crime scene and talked to the Christian family and neighboring Christian families who saw this inhuman act and police departure but did not filed any FIR against culprits neither arrested any on them.

HLCP demonstrating for justice in front of Lahore Press Club, 21st June. 3 for Patoki Christian women who were forced to march nude in village by Muslim Landlord.
Next day June 4th  2013 around 8:00 in the morning Human Liberation Commission received this news from a phone call from Boota Masih (a man from the oppressed family) and he told that how they are mistreated by Muhammad Ibrahim and his men. So a delegation of HLCP went to meet the family and to see the situation and to help them at Sereser Chack 21 more


Human Liberation Commission Pakistan (HLCP) is struggling for the Human Rights of civil society . ...

Fewer of our efforts are listed below:


Human Liberation Commission Pakistan help in Shamsher’s Freedom from his landlord in Sheikhpura.Punjab. 09-11-2008



Burning of Church, pastor house, church school in Mardan and purposely prepared crosses and its open insult by throwing them on feet and walking on them in Murdke are shameful incidents. Aslam Perviaz Sahotra Chairman HLCP

Human Liberation Commission Pakistan called an urgent summit of Christian Leaders on a discussion on consequences after yesterday’s ( 21st September 2012 ) Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool, Love day for prophet Muhammad(PBUH) when protestors insulted wooden crosses and throwing them in their feet and invective , showing their abhorrence for Christianity at Murdke and burning of church, a Christian school and pastor house in Mardan in headship of Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra Chairman HLCP at their central office at 8 Davis road Lahore,Pakistan.
Director International Affairs(HLCP) Pastor Anwar Javed, Finance Secretary Bashir Masih Chaudhry, Leaders of Masiha Millat Party Iqbal Bhatti and Amin Sohni, Chairman of Christian Labor party Zulifqar Pervaiz Sandhu, Chairman Minority Federation Ilyas .A.Khan, Director Nirali Kitabian David Diwan,Chairman Mishal Youth Saleem Shakir, Yousuf Kamran of Sharing Life Ministry, Irfan Gill of Bounded labor Freedom Front, Chairman New life Aids Society Nazir Ghulam and President Koya Javed Gill participated in this forum.
Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra strongly condemn in his address that burning of Church, pastor house, church school in Mardan and purposely prepared crosses and its open insult by throwing them on feet and walking on them in Murdke. He demanded that government must take an urgent and serious notice of such shameful incidents. As Muslim brethren got hurt because of Insulting film on Islam viceversa burning of church alongwith Holy Bibles, Books of Psalms,Law of Moses and Holy Quran other Christian religious and Islamic books laying inside brutally burning is big injustice and then purposely arranged wooden crosses for open insult by throwing them on feet and walking on them in Murdke made Christian community tragic and upset presently. This reflects Government’s discrimination with the Christian community and other minorities by not taking sufficient safety measure of this big roadside church .






''I'm scared … I'm afraid of anyone who might kill us,''

Rimsha Masih told a TV interviewer.

Rimsha Masih

Invoking Pakistan's blasphemy laws is often a cover for victimisation and murder. But this may be changing, thanks to 14-year-old Rimsha Masih.

Click here to see Video of Rimsha press conference.


Chairman Human Liberation Commission Pakistan(HLCP) Aslam Pervaiz Sahotra, Director International Affairs HLCP Pastor Anwar Javed, Chairman Sharing Life Ministry Sohail Johnson, Senior Vice President Masiha Millat Party Punjab Ashraf Khokhar, President Hindu Welfare Council Dr.Munawar Chand and President Mashal Youth Society Saleem Shakir are addressing in a press conference about false blasphamy charges against Rimsha Masih (Islamabad) and assasination of innocent Christian Faisal Masih Mughal (Essa Nagri Karachi) on Septermer 5, 2012 at Lahore Press Conference.




‘No compulsion in religion’:

‘One should be able to choose their religion’


Human Liberation Commission of Pakistan chairman Aslam Parvaiz Sahotra, said Muslim scholars should issue an edict against such hardliners who are “bringing a bad name to Islam”. He said no one could be forced to embrace Islam.









Sahotra said that employers also often victimised their

servants through criminal proceedings. “They lodge

cases against their maids when they demand their

wages or their due rights,


Speaking at the service on Sunday, HLCP Chairman Aslam Pervez Sahotra said that women and children workers were being exploited and subjected to physical, mental and sexual abuse by their employers. He said children were being sold to work in big houses.

Sahotra said that employers also often victimised their servants through criminal proceedings. “They lodge cases against their maids when they demand their wages or their due rights,”





Minorities in Pakistan were not safe and regularly

suffered discrimination.



No one has ever been punished for attacks on Christian places of worship

Lahore: Almost 7 years ago, a mob of people angry at alleged blasphemy by a Christian burnt down three churches, a convent, a missionary school, a girl's hostel and a pastor's house in Sangla Hill, a small town in Nankana District, near Lahore.






They carried crosses and banners demanding that the

blasphemy laws be repealed and Aasia Bibi be

released from death row.

Asia Bibi (Prisioner in Dist.Jail.Sheikhpure)

Chairman of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, said that clerics should not be allowed to schedule protests during the celebration of Christmas and other religious holidays.

Aslam Parvaiz Sahotra, president of the Masiha Milan Party, said that Christians had a right to protest and the government must ensure that this right is not usurped by religious extremists. “Were it not for the police, the TNR protestors would have pounced on us,” he said. He said the Christians’ protest was meant to be a response to the rallies in favour of the blasphemy laws, which he believed were meant to “ruin” the celebration of Christmas.



Muslims or Christians or whatever religion,

nothing is above humanity.

Human Liberation Commission has raised a voice for the affected couple, the matter has brought to public notice the ever-needed necessity of tolerance in order for justice to prevail. In many Muslim-dominated societies, people are always welcome to convert from other religions to Islam. But when they leave Islam and embrace another faith, they are labeled as apostates and hunted or persecuted.



Constitution of Pakistan everyone has the right to live

wherever they want.


Human Liberation Commission head Aslam Parvaiz Sahotra condemned the couples’ eviction and said that according to the Constitution of Pakistan everyone has the right to live wherever they want.
He appealed to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif and Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa to take notice of the matter and provide security to both couples.




In hope for justice and government support

LAHORE: A family from Bahawalpur that has set up home on a footpath in front of the Lahore Press Club attempted suicide for the second time, yesterday, in front of the Aiwan-e-Iqbal entrance to attract the attention of Federal Law Minister Babar Awan who had given a speech there earlier

Human Liberation Commission of Pakistan (HLCP), an NGO, offered to help them with accommodation and legal expertise. HLCP president Aslam Pervez said the family would be safer staying outside the Press Club.






Police employed “delaying tactics” before registering a

case of arson against the Muslims.


SHEIKHUPURA, PAKISTAN (ANS) -- Aslam Sahotra, the General Secretary of the Human Liberation Commission, Pakistan, has condemned the registration of a case against six Christians over the alleged murder of a Muslim man on the night between February 18, 2010 and February 19, 2010 in Pindori, a village in Sheikhupura district of Pakistan.





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